Shelley Nessman


Shelley’s passion is supporting people to discover, nurture and share their gifts, skills, and abilities.  Her experience as a facilitator and planner has helped her to understand that when a person and their network combine their dreams with a plan for action – anything is possible!

Two significant experiences changed everything about the way Shelley views “the work”.

First was an opportunity early in her career to be trained by Jack Pearpoint and Marsha Forrest as a PATH facilitator (followed by life altering training from Dave and Fay Wetherow).

Second has been the privilege of sharing her home with people who experience disability.  Life sharing has been a deep personal learning experience that shows up in everything she does.

Recently Shelley has worked for Spectrum Consulting where she was a consultant on strategic initiatives and Associate Director of person centered planning.

Prior to this she was the Self Advocate advisor for Community Living British Columbia.

Deeply listening to someone and supporting them to identify and express their gift changes us all- and is the reason Shelley has always said: “This is a peace movement- it’s all about love”.