Culture of Gentleness Introduction- Australia

Introduction to a Culture of Gentleness

This seminar is designed to provide individuals with a basic overview of a Culture of Gentleness, what it is and what it isn’t. Operating from the assumption that everyone needs to feel safe and valued, we will develop an understanding of how positive supports can lead to relationships that are compassionate and encouraging for everyone.

In this interactive workshop, the foundational principles of developing and strengthening supportive relationships as a strategy to reduce challenges and build a foundation for growth and healing are explored. An introduction to The Central Purpose and The Six Elements will be provided. Emphasis is placed on strategies that can lead to others feeling safer and more valued, how one’s trauma history can influence behavior, planning proactively to reduce stress and challenges, and the value of supporting all involved.

This seminar is perfect for any who receives or provides support.

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Intro to a Culture of Gentleness- WAiS_2017



We Believe

The Central Purpose

The Four Pillars

The Four Tools

The 6 Elements


David Pitonyak:

The Center for Positive Living Supports

Peter Marks: Centre for Conscious Care

Wally Lamb“Couldn’t Keep It to Myself”

Brene Brown:

Richard WagameseEmbers


The Body Keeps the Score

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Conscious Care and Support for Individuals with Autism & Other Developmental Disabilities

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The Way Under the Way: The Place of True Meeting

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