From the Top of the Mountain

Gathering with people is one of our favourite things to do. We often find ourselves in deeply beautiful spaces with people who are questing to find the way together.

We had such an experience yesterday with a group of incredible way finders … people who are trying to figure out the mysterious and nuanced ways that people come into relationship, how to see and capture that spark of love between two possibly isolated people, fan the flame of friendship without blowing it out or making it too big to start with (no one wants to get burned).

We sat on the top of a mountain (literally!) surrounded by trees of all ilk, mountains and a view of the river. We talked about how we know we bring our best self to our work, what gets in the way of that and what our hopes for change in the future are. People went out the door together to ponder these questions and think about what lay in nature that might represent the conversations they had.

We were using an incredibly powerful dialogue process called “The Circle Way” which is a process remembered and created by Ann Linnea and Christina Baldwin.  As a student of this process, I am constantly struck by the power of a circle of chairs and an intention to keep the deep values of a group at the Center of the circle.

So we walked and talked and reconvened and shared. Each person talked deeply about the things that show up as needs for their continued efforts to do “the work”. We honoured where each person was on their journey- which ranged from “I am in the zone” to “I am terrified, lost and have no idea what I am doing here”. Leaders made notes about the spaces that needed support or intention – the group was fortified in their acknowledgment of the joy and grief of their work.

This is a truly powerful tool and I am filled with gratitude.  We all came away with energized sense of purpose and direction as well as deeper connection to one another. As facilitators- we are so honoured to hold the space for this to happen!