Australia, Here We Come!

Pinch us!

If you had told either of us a year ago that we would be launching our own company and beginning this journey by traveling to Western Australia- we might have believed it… but then again, we might not have.

So pinch us if you like, but we are now in the throes of planning a juicy October trip with our colleague Lea Pearman, who is a co-director of WAiS (Western Australia’s Individualized Services)!

What’s our itinerary you ask?

Lea recognized the alignment of the work of WAiS with the values of individualized supports that lean on relationships and support circles and invited us to bring our international perspective to Perth.

So far, our plan is to:

  • co-teach a 3-day MAPS and PATH facilitation training in Perth
  • facilitate a 2-day Culture of Gentleness training
  • facilitate a 2-day workshop for self – managers and their supporters about their gifts, skills, and passions and how to express them in ways that are meaningful (The Art of Gift Recognition and What Have we got to Lose?)
  • present at WAiS’ Annual General Meeting about the juicy things that are happening in both Canada and the US with people who experience disability
  • attend some informal lunch and learn opportunities with families, staff and self-managers

Can you say excited?  We are!  Stay tuned for an update (and maybe some pictures of spiders and snakes, lol) 

If you are interested in inviting us to come to your neck of the woods to craft your own juicy learning opportunities, please contact us.


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